I guess I was born with ink in my blood, since both my parents were journalists early in their careers and my mom was one of the first female photographers for a then-new network of newspapers called The Associated Press. I started my first newspaper in sixth grade, a 2-page flyer full of school gossip and bad jokes that I sold for 2 cents per copy. I used the proceeds to buy a pet skunk.

I graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1983 with a photojournalism degree, and worked as a writer, photographer, and editor for newspapers in Kentucky and Virginia over a span of 15 years. I was involved in the production of compelling, award-winning stories, and was also sued for libel and chased by a one-armed man wielding a rake. As humorist Dave Barry puts it, I am not making this up.

When the State Arboretum of Virginia needed a Public Relations Coordinator, I saw the opportunity to combine my love of the outdoors with my writing, editing, and photography experience. I've been at it full time since 1997, but still find time for adventures and a few freelance assignments from time to time.

Currently I am available for select photo assignments I feel will enhance my portfolio and add to my experience.

Please contact me by email at tim@timfarmerphoto.com for information. I also network with many other photographers who specialize in corporate portraits, editorial photography, nature photography, and wildlife photography. Please visit my Resources page for contacts.

Tim Farmer at the light table.

Credits: The Courier Journal (Louisville, KY); The Crittenden Press (Marion, KY); The Daily News (Bowling Green, KY); The Washington Post; Backpacker magazine; The Beginner's Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking; Canoe & Kayak magazine; Canoe Journal; Elan magazine; Groundwork magazine; Loudoun magazine; Richmond magazine; University of Virginia magazine; Virginia Living magazine; Washington Gardener magazine; and others.
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